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Screenshot - 2022-11-19T223502.168.png

February 14, 2022

Since 2021, US Secure Ventures (USSV) has supplied site security to multiple projects for NA3 in the DFW area. Our past security provider had degraded the quality of cameras and response to the point that our jobsites were no longer secure. The time value and monetary costs of theft and vandalism are significant, and we needed solution.

USSV promised an important level of communication, a high quality camera solution, and an exceptional program to manage dedicated guards and response.
The camera quality and equioment service are best in field. Their blended model of monitoring and physical response has been the perfect solution for our company, and we are confident that our sites are more secure than ever.

Contact and follow through from USSV is immediate and their proactive
management of the o site guards is effective. Expectations are high for all our trade partners and USSV has delivered on every commitment. Cameras and guards from USSV have changed the "battlefield" for us and I highly recommend
their services.

Executive VP/ N^3 Luxury Living


Experience the difference of having your own team of surveillance experts focused on what matters most.

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