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Navigating the New Normal: Addressing Security Concerns Amid Reduced Police Response

Updated: May 30, 2023

Revolutionizing Safety in a Post-Police-Reform World: Remote Video Surveillance

In an era of reduced police response to non-emergency crimes, businesses and communities face increased security risks. However, there's a silver lining: remote video surveillance. Discover how companies like USSV Security are leveraging advanced technology to fill the security gap, ensuring comprehensive protection for your properties. Read on to understand how this innovative solution outperforms traditional security guards and how you can benefit from it.

Remote video surveillance by USSV Security addressing security concerns amid reduced police response
Remote video surveillance by USSV Security

The recent wave of calls for police reform, coupled with workforce shortages in law enforcement, has given rise to some unintended consequences, among them an increase in non-emergency crimes. The pressure on police departments has led to policies where the police no longer respond to non-life-threatening emergencies. This has resulted in an uptick in crime rates in several cities, putting businesses and communities at risk.

The Impact of Police Reform on Crime Rates

In cities like Austin, Texas, new laws aimed at reducing overcrowding in jails and focusing on more severe crimes have resulted in reduced police responses to certain non-violent crimes such as auto theft. This has left commercial properties and residential communities vulnerable to increased theft and burglary incidents.

However, amidst the rising crime rates, private security firms like USSV Security are stepping in to fill the gap left by the reduced police presence. With their expertise in remote video surveillance and monitoring, USSV Security is helping businesses and communities ensure their safety and security.

Why Traditional Security Guards Aren't the Answer

While security guards have traditionally been the go-to solution for businesses and communities, they aren't equipped to address these rising crime rates. They have limitations in terms of what they can do in a crime situation and can be restricted by laws governing their role and responsibilities. Moreover, to have eyes across an entire property, businesses would need to hire multiple guards, driving up costs.

Bridging the Gap with Remote Video Surveillance

This is where remote video surveillance comes into play. Leveraging advanced security technologies, firms like USSV Security offer a comprehensive security solution that includes video analytics and trained human operators. These systems not only serve as a deterrent but also provide real-time intervention during an incident, with operators capable of issuing warnings, tracking intruders, and contacting emergency personnel if necessary.

Unlike security guards, remote video surveillance can monitor the entire property simultaneously, providing a more comprehensive security solution. It can also help businesses handle liability claims and find opportunities for operational improvements.

Getting Started with Remote Video Surveillance

Starting with remote video surveillance is straightforward. A security company designs a system specific to your needs, installs high-definition video security cameras at strategic locations for maximum coverage, and provides trained human operators to monitor the footage.

USSV Security can assist businesses and multifamily residential communities with live remote video monitoring. Their operators can even use a speaker warning system to deter criminals in real time, making this an effective crime prevention strategy.

With different industries having distinct security requirements, it's crucial to partner with a company experienced in your specific field. This ensures your investment is optimized for maximum ROI.

As police resources continue to be strained, investing in remote video surveillance services from experienced providers like USSV Security is an effective way to secure your business or community.

For more information about remote video surveillance, feel free to reach out to us with your queries.

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